From the Financials Module:

Accounts Payable

Keep a listing of the money you owe to your suppliers and creditors.

Accounts Receivable

Track the dollar amounts you are owed by each customer.

A/R Aging

View your aged Accounts Receivable to see who might be a problem in collecting amounts owed to you.

Credit Memos

Give your customers a credit on their account when they've returned merchandise.

Check Posting

When you receive a check as a payment, post it against amounts owed from one or more invoices.

Multiple Accounts

The Access Manufacturing Management Overlay can accommodate as many bank accounts as you work with.


Balance your accounts against your bank statement with ease.

Automated Features

Set up bill reminders to alert you when payment or deposit is due, and use the autopay feature from the Accounts Payable screen to pay multiple items with one mouse click.

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