Access Manufacturing Management Overlay: Accounting Interface Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer information to QuickBooks® with the click of a button.

The Accounting Interface is a module that writes directly to your QuickBooks file.

To use this interface, you perform some simple configuration and validation procedures, then the interface takes care of the rest.

On a periodic basis you synchronize with QuickBooks.

What are the system requirements for using the Accounting Interface?

You will need to be operating on a Windows 2000 or higher PC and have QuickBooks Pro® 2003 or later installed.

How often should I synchronize?

You can synchronize with QuickBooks as frequently as you like. We recommend that you do it on a daily (or at least weekly) basis, at a time of day when database activity is low (beginning or end of day), and when there is no activity in the affected files.

Will I still be able to use all aspects of QuickBooks?

No, the details of your business will be kept in our MRP software. None of the items (Invoices, Bills, Checks Written, etc.) are copied to an identical item in QuickBooks. Instead the interface writes transactions to the General Journal in Quickbooks. Therefore, the features you will be able to access in Quickbooks will be: Financial Reports, Payroll and Account Balances and Transactions through the General Journal.

How can corrections be made to the General Journal?

The interface keeps a reference of each item to its corresponding QuickBooks Journal Entry. So, when you make corrections in our software to an affected item, the interface sends correcting entries to QuickBooks; therefore there is no need to manually make correcting entries to QuickBooks.

Can I use QuickBooks and the Access Manufacturing Management Overlay® as separate systems?

If you wish, you could use them separately. This is not recommended, however, because you would then need to make manual entries to QuickBooks in order to keep the files in balance. Remember, the Access Manufacturing Management Overlay® handles Inventory Tracking, so you won't need to use QuickBooks for Inventory transactions.

Will I need to manually re-enter all customer and vendor information when I switch?

No, the price of the Accounting Interface includes easy-to-use Data Conversion tools to transfer all necessary information from QuickBooks into our system.

How do I handle outstanding account balances when switching?

For Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable we recommend using a system called Balance Forward. The Data Conversion tools provided will create Balance Forward entries for you to use in this process.

For Bank Accounts you will need to re-enter all outstanding transactions manually. This will ensure complete accuracy as you begin using the Access Manufacturing Management Overlay®.



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