Company History

Established: Freedom Applications was established in 2001 by a small manufacturer whose need for an affordable and user-friendly MRPsystem was not met by existing software applications.

Experience: We have more than seventeen years of experience writing software specifically for the small manufacturing environment. We began developing the Access Manufacturing Management Overlay using Microsoft® Access 1.0 and have followed that path, using the ease and strength of each new version of Access. The current version of the Access Manufacturing Management Overlay is based in Access 2003 and is ready to use with all currently supported versions of Windows.

We have combined our experience in MRP and manufacturing management with other industries to develop a MRP application that is robust and cheap. Due to this experience, we understand that small manufacturers have more to do with less time and fewer resources. We develop our software with these issues in mind.

Developers: We develop software for a variety of industries, with our main focus being manufacturing management software. Our principal application, Access Manufacturing Management Overlay® has been available commercially since 2003.

Support: We provide support for all our products on weekdays between 8:00AM and 4:30PM Eastern Time. When you purchase an AMMO product, you receive a period of free support, depending on the product. After that we provide affordable annual support agreements for all products. When you buy a support contract you receieve:

Even if you don't purchase a support agreement, we guarantee our product; and we'll fix any errors or bugs at no cost to you.

Our Philosophy: Software shouldn't be a drain on your resources or time; it should simplify your business operations and keep your company competitive.

Our Goal: Provide cheap, easy-to-use software that will enhance your company.

Our Guarantee: We will do everything possible to help you meet your technology needs.



Freedom Applications, Ltd.
Manufacturing Software Development
Cleveland, Ohio
Telephone: (216) 383-1930
Fax: (216) 438-5099

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