Everything you need to strack your ISO required documentation.

Feature List:

  • Documentation manager
    • Easy to use document tree allows you to manage and easily organize required documentation for you and your employees.
  • Calbration tracking
    • Track equipment
    • Track processes
    • Track specifications
    • Custom reports to help identify problems
  • Request/Change tracking
    • Request, change, problem, and improvement tracking workflows.
  • A.M.M.O. integration
    • If you use our A.M.M.O. product then this will integrate with you existing database which allows for additional features/
  • Non-conforming product reporting (Requires A.M.M.O.)
    • Allows you to track and report on NCP or scrap material.
  • Suggestion box
    • Your employees deserve a place to voice their opinions and report problems safely. The suggestion box gives them that ability.

Each of the above features can be enabled or disabled as your specific needs change.

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